Cathay Pacific International First Class – Hong Kong To Chicago

CP 777

After a good night’s rest, we prepared for our day at the Pier followed by Cathay Pacific first class flight home. After checking out from the hotel we proceeded out to the Airport and followed the signage to Terminal 1. Cathay Pacific has dedicated podiums for first class and we were processed quickly with boarding passes in hand.

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Regal Airport Hotel – Superior Room

lobby r

On our return trip we had an overnight stay in Hong Kong and elected to stay at the Regal Airport Hotel which is connected directly with the Hong Kong airport. Our cost for a 1-night stay was $145.00 all in, and it seemed like an easy choice. After exiting our flight, we headed to immigration and were processed quickly. We then proceeded into the main baggage hall. From there signage indicated our path directly to the hotel. We were transiting though Asia a couple weeks before Chinese New Year and the hotel lobby was decorated in a festive manner. There was a decent line for check in but it moved quickly and we were processed for our room.

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Dragonair International Business Class – Phuket To Hong Kong

cabin 2

Once we exited the lounge we were right at our departure point, Gate 6. After waiting for a 10 minutes the agents called for the business class section to board. Turing left we walked down glass encased corridor, turned right and proceeded down an extended jetway. We entered from the second door on the plane and turned left into the business class cabin.

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Dragonair International Business Class – Hong Kong To Phuket


As we came up from the escalator from the lounge a good sized crowd was starting to collect around the gate. The gate agents were not sharing much information and after waiting about 15 minutes they called business class to board. We made way down a crisscrossed connecting hallway into the jetway and through the first door of the plane.

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The Pier, Hong Kong International Airport

vbn 002

On exiting the Aircraft, we entered the arrivals area in the Hong Kong Airport. It’s a long corridor that ends with exits to immigration (arrivals) or the transfer center. At that point you do another security check and they verify your onward travel so that you may enter the main terminal. We walked down the airport’s main connecting terminal in the 30 gates. At the end of that hall you veer right and proceed down to gate 63 and then an escalator down to The Pier lounge. At the bottom of the escalator you turn right and then left and walk into the check in area. We handed the associate our lounge passes and were checked in.

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Cathay Pacific International First Class – San Francisco To Hong Kong

3 windows r

After walking through the terminal you head down an escalator to the main gate boarding area. Once we arrived downstairs the first class cabin was boarding. It was a little strange as you board. There is a line of people on both sides of the pathway to the first class gate entrance. It looks and feels like you’re on display as you walk your way to the counter of the check-in gate agent. Once you’re through the entrance it is a short corridor to the jetway, and then through the jetway to the first door of the plane.

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Introduction – Planning For Thailand


Susan and I we had just over 750,000 AA miles we could use. Since we would not be able to take our originally planned Maldives trip we decided to use as many AA miles on vacations during the next year and try to harvest as much value as we could.

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