New Year’s Eve Post – Trip Reports Take A Long Time

Susan, the girls and myself are spending New Year’s Eve in Boston this year. It’s not same as visiting Scott in New York last year, but we’re having a great time no less.

I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution kind of guy. If something is a good idea to do, why wait until the end of the year or January 1st to start doing it. Start when you’re ready regardless if it’s January, February, September – it’s all the same with no time better than the present. Having stated this, the end of the year is a good time to reflect on the past year and what’s going on ahead in the next year.

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Delta Domestic First Class – Boston to Sacramento

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After finishing up some work at the Sky Club in Terminal A I walked down to gate A3 and prepared to board my flight. On the dot at 3:50pm the gate agent began the boarding process and, when first class was called, I walked down the ramp through the jetway and into the first and only door being boarded. The flight attendant Donnie was friendly as she greeted the passengers. I also saw Katlin from my first Sacramento flight on Thursday and she was working this flight as well.

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Delta Sky Club – Boston

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After checking out of the Hyatt Regency Boston I hired a cab to take me to Boston Logan International where I checked in for my return flight home. I arrived at the airport at 2:50pm on a Sunday and check-in and security together took about 20 minutes. The airport was certainly busier than my late night arrival, but Boston’s Main Terminal A is a fairly efficient operation and having TSA PreCheck helped as well.

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Hyatt Regency Boston

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Business required a Friday meeting in the city of Boston. The group would be finishing up around 3pm in the afternoon and I could have flown back to Sacramento at that time. Being that it was a Friday, I decided to spend a couple more days in Boston and enjoy a location I hadn’t visited in years.

The Boston Hyatt Regency had a paid rate of $199.00 per night (before taxes) and I booked the hotel for the next 2 nights. I thought the rate was fair, and this would give Susan and I another stay towards our needed 25 stays required for Hyatt Diamond status.

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Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor


Our flight landed at Boston Logan at 11:15pm. I chose the first evening at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor for a few reasons. 1) With a late arrival it wouldn’t lake long to check into the hotel and get some sleep. 2)  It was less expensive that the Hyatt Regency Boston, so there was a cost benefit. 3) In the morning I could transfer to the Hyatt Regency for the remainder of my stay. I could review 2 locations and get 2 stays toward my diamond status with Hyatt. I ended up booking a standard “Aviation King” room at $179.00 per night before taxes.

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Delta Domestic First Class – Sacramento To Boston


This post will review 2 separate flights in Delta domestic first class. Delta flight DL2366 Sacramento to Salt Lake City and DL1843 Salt Lake City to Boston.

I arrived at the Sacramento Airport parking garage and snagged a good spot on level 3 close to the pedestrian bridge. Lines at the security checkpoint were relatively long, but with TSA PreCheck it only took a few minutes to get airside.

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Business in Boston


Some unanticipated business required a trip to Boston so that I could attend a meeting. The meeting was scheduled for a Friday and I was thankful that I would be able to stay over the weekend and spend some time exploring the city.

I asked Susan if she wanted to join me. She did want to go, but also had some obligations that she couldn’t get out of. She looked at me a little funny during the discussion. “Didn’t you and Barbara (my ex-wife) go to Boston a couple times.” – “Hmm, I think we did. It was a long time ago”. We absolutely did, but I wasn’t going to share this with Susan.

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