Surf Air Introduces New Weekender Membership Plan

Surf Air is the California regional airline that sells an all you can fly memberships for $1950 per month. They started up over three years ago and in this short time span have had an interesting history. Until now the model has been a “member’s only” airline with an all you can fly approach for a single monthly fee.  Their fleet is a single type aircraft that uses the Pilatus PC-12, which seats a total of 8 passengers.

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Lufthansa’s Miles And More Newest Mileage Redemption Partner Is … Surf Air?


Per an email to their members, and the Lufthansa’s Miles and More website; you can now redeem Miles and More miles for flights on California based carrier Surf Air. The offer is for a limited time (until March 31st, 2017) and other than the time line there seems to be no other restrictions.

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A Summer of Promotions


The summer has been slipping away, and now that it is September I have an update as to my search for another carrier to fly and complete status on. Per my previous post I have been looking for another airline and reward program instead of Delta’s SkyMiles program. I’ve been an elite with Delta for a long time, but I’m interested trying another airline that has a more lucrative frequent flyer program. I figured I had until next year to make this change as I planned on finishing with Delta as a diamond at the end of this year. While I’ve been doing some research on other frequent flyer programs, a number of promotions came out this summer, as well as some industry news that ended up affecting my flying for the next 18 months.

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Touring Surf Air In Sacramento


I recently wrote a post about a regional California airline called Surf Air. The airline’s business model is a $1,950 monthly fee which gives a member unlimited flights within their California network (also Las Vegas). One of the interesting things about the company is the way they market themselves. As a long time California resident I had not heard of them until recently, and the airline has been around for three years (I discovered them by an accidental google search). Once you do “discover” their website you need to fill out an online web-form for site access, and then you are professionally contacted a few days later to discuss your interest in a membership.

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Surf Who?


It’s always been difficult to fly out of San Francisco from Sacramento. SFO is a great airport. Who doesn’t love the Bay Area, and there are so many destinations out of San Francisco.  At the same time, it can be a real bitch driving there from Sacramento. If you drive during rush hour in the commute traffic, “forgetta bout it”.

United Airlines does offer a direct commuter/feeder flight from Sacramento to San Francisco. It’s pricy if you plan out a future flight, and even more expensive as a last minute add on to a non-United itinerary. This got me wondering if there was a charter airline service that operated between Sacramento to SFO.

After doing a quick google search one of the choices that popped up was “Surf Air”. I thought to myself “Surf who?” At this point I started exploring the website and doing a little research.

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