Delta Sky Club Honolulu

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After our visit at the American Airlines Admirals Club at Honolulu, we moved over to the Delta Sky Club lounge. Delta relocated this lounge two years ago to the current location. Previously the location was downstairs in the garden area of the main overseas terminal. The new location is just down the front hall from the American Admirals Club. After entering the main Oversea Terminal hall, turn left towards the Diamond Concourse and 15 seconds later you’re at the Delta Sky Club. The entrance doors are a rich dark stained wood and it’s marked by the bright red Delta Sky Club sign.

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American Airlines Admirals Club Honolulu

walk in

We had a 2:05pm flight from Honolulu back to San Jose, California. After checking out of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, our daughter gave us a ride in her beat up Honda CRV to the airport. We had a wonderful time in Honolulu and wished we could stay longer, but responsibilities wouldn’t permit this. After being dropped off, we checked into our flight and used the TSA security line to get airside. We then walked over to the American Airlines Admirals Lounge, which is located just past security in the main overseas terminal, in order to “check it out.”

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Thoughts On Honolulu

Honolulu front

When my daughter started applying for colleges, much to my surprise, the University of Hawaii at Manoa was at the top of her list. At the time I hadn’t visited Honolulu for over 30 years and made the flippant comment, “Why would you want to attend college there!?” Fast forward a couple years and a college tour later and she couldn’t be happier with her choice. I have to agree. The college is great and a perfect fit for what she wants to do.

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Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa

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After we picked up our luggage at the carousel, our daughter picked us up at arrivals area of Honolulu International Airport. After a 30 minute drive we pulled up to the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa. As I mentioned before, we’ve stayed at this property many times and made it our home when visiting family in Honolulu.

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Alaska Airlines Hawaiian Islands Coach San Jose to Honolulu (and back)

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At 8:10 we gathered our items and walked down the stairs to gate 16, which was the gate our flight was departing from. It was 45 minutes before boarding, and we were enjoying The Club at SJC lounge, but Alaska Airlines is a habitual early boarding airline, and we wanted to board the plane early in order to claim our overhead space for carry-ons. A few minutes after arriving at the gate the gate agent announced we would be delayed boarding by 30 minutes. Being next to the lounge we returned to relax for an additional 20 minutes or so. We returned at 8:45am and a few minutes later the boarding process started with First, MVP 75K, MVP and partner airlines and the rest. We boarded as MVP (thanks to Susan) and were among some of the first on board after first class.

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Honolulu for Spring Break

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I have a daughter that attends college in Honolulu, Hawaii. I know what you’re thinking, must be rough to have to go to school in Hawaii, but honestly it is a great place for her to be studying. She usually flys home to visit the family, but one or two times a year we’ll all go visit her. This year we decided to visit her during spring break. Yes, I’m late on a couple trip reports.

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