United Domestic First Class Atlanta to Denver to Sacramento



After enjoying the Atlanta Sky Club in the F terminal we took the underground train back to the T terminal. Total time to the gate was approximately 25 minutes. After reaching gate T13, we waited another 5 minutes before United started to board the aircraft. Pre-board was first, followed by group 1 which included the first class cabin. The process was orderly and, ahem, civilized. More so than the Delta flights I’m use to boarding.

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Delta Sky Club Atlanta F International Concourse


We had finished our meetings with HQ, and Paul was ready to go home. We arrived about 2 hours before our flights, and I had my eyes set on visiting the Atlanta F Concourse with outdoor Sky Deck at the Delta Sky Club. This club opened up 3 years ago, but during my travels I have never has a chance to visit it and I was looking forward to finally doing so.

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Delta Ground Services Atlanta


After reaching the gate in Atlanta, Paul jumped up and quickly exited the plane. I was in 2D and took my time gathering my items as I wanted to try and get a picture of the forward cabin with fewer people. After a couple moments I heard Paul in the jetway saying “Jimmy, Jimmy – get out here you got to see this.” Paul had sleep most of the flight and I thought he was mostly lucid, but I was wondering what on earth we wanted me to see and more importantly why? I gathered my things and Paul was standing at the outdoor access door with a Delta representative. The gentlemen from Delta looked at me and said “Are you James Gottfredson?”

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