United Domestic First Class Atlanta to Denver to Sacramento



After enjoying the Atlanta Sky Club in the F terminal we took the underground train back to the T terminal. Total time to the gate was approximately 25 minutes. After reaching gate T13, we waited another 5 minutes before United started to board the aircraft. Pre-board was first, followed by group 1 which included the first class cabin. The process was orderly and, ahem, civilized. More so than the Delta flights I’m use to boarding.

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Delta Domestic First Class Sacramento to Atlanta


At gate A3 Paul and I had a short wait before they started boarding. The gates at Terminal A are well laid out and typically don’t get too backed up for boarding. This is true even for Delta’s poor boarding process. Delta called for passengers that needed additional time, and then called for first class to board.

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Touring Surf Air In Sacramento


I recently wrote a post about a regional California airline called Surf Air. The airline’s business model is a $1,950 monthly fee which gives a member unlimited flights within their California network (also Las Vegas). One of the interesting things about the company is the way they market themselves. As a long time California resident I had not heard of them until recently, and the airline has been around for three years (I discovered them by an accidental google search). Once you do “discover” their website you need to fill out an online web-form for site access, and then you are professionally contacted a few days later to discuss your interest in a membership.

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Sales Meeting with HQ

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Once a year the head office (HQ) summons our field office to a sales meeting. It’s usually in Seattle, but for some reason this year it was being held at a suburban resort outside of Atlanta. I work with another gentleman in the office named Paul and we would be attending the meeting together. Paul doesn’t like to travel. Not one bit. If he could get out of this meeting he would, but he can’t, and so we attend together. Paul lets me handle the flight arrangements. He knows I’ll find an easy comfortable way to travel and he’s good with that.

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Hyatt Regency Sacramento

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I’m Diamond level with Hyatt Gold Passport. I enjoy the benefits, and Susan really loves the benefits. I mean she loves, loves, loves the benefits. Especially the comped morning breakfast. It’s her favorite meal of the day and as a Diamond it’s on the house. In order to maintain our Diamond elite status with Hyatt’s Gold Passport Program we need to have 25 says during the calendar year. For us, and our travel patterns, 25 Hyatt stays are not a forgone conclusion. We normally would have ~18 stays per year in a standard schedule (including 2 from our Hyatt Visa card for hitting 20K in spending). So that means we need to plan a few additional evenings at a local/nearby Hyatt somewhere. Sometimes we go to San Francisco and stay at a Hyatt in the city, including the Hyatt Fisherman’s Warf which I reviewed earlier in the year.

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Delta Domestic First Class – Boston to Sacramento

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After finishing up some work at the Sky Club in Terminal A I walked down to gate A3 and prepared to board my flight. On the dot at 3:50pm the gate agent began the boarding process and, when first class was called, I walked down the ramp through the jetway and into the first and only door being boarded. The flight attendant Donnie was friendly as she greeted the passengers. I also saw Katlin from my first Sacramento flight on Thursday and she was working this flight as well.

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Business in Boston


Some unanticipated business required a trip to Boston so that I could attend a meeting. The meeting was scheduled for a Friday and I was thankful that I would be able to stay over the weekend and spend some time exploring the city.

I asked Susan if she wanted to join me. She did want to go, but also had some obligations that she couldn’t get out of. She looked at me a little funny during the discussion. “Didn’t you and Barbara (my ex-wife) go to Boston a couple times.” – “Hmm, I think we did. It was a long time ago”. We absolutely did, but I wasn’t going to share this with Susan.

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Cathay Pacific International First Class – San Francisco To Hong Kong

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After walking through the terminal you head down an escalator to the main gate boarding area. Once we arrived downstairs the first class cabin was boarding. It was a little strange as you board. There is a line of people on both sides of the pathway to the first class gate entrance. It looks and feels like you’re on display as you walk your way to the counter of the check-in gate agent. Once you’re through the entrance it is a short corridor to the jetway, and then through the jetway to the first door of the plane.

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Review: Alaska Airlines Domestic First Class – Seattle To Sacramento


My flight was leaving from the North Satellite Terminal, gate N15, so I left the lounge in Concourse A and headed to the Shuttle Train and then to the North Loop Train. The airport trains run often and it was a quick 15 minutes to get to the N gates. I headed up the escalator and gate N15 was directly at the top.

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Review: Alaska Airlines Domestic Coach – Sacramento to Seattle

rabbitTerminal B Sacramento International Airport

Susan and I arrived at Sacramento Airport’s Terminal B at 10:00am on a Friday morning and parked in the airports only parking garage. At check-in we were processed quickly by a sweet girl working the Alaska Airlines ticket counter, and after each of us checked a bag we headed to our gate for a 11:35am departure time. Continue reading “Review: Alaska Airlines Domestic Coach – Sacramento to Seattle”