Austrian Airlines European Coach London to Vienna to Copenhagen

Our Austrian Airlines flight from London to Vienna was originally scheduled at 7:25pm, but was delayed about an hour. Fortunately, the lounge display system kept us informed, and we left from the United Club to gate A18 45 minutes before boarding. It sounds like a lot of time, but the walk from the lounge to our gate was 25 minutes. Once we arrived at gate A18 we waited another 30 minutes or so before we boarded. Terminal 2 (The Queens terminal) at Heathrow is very nice with high ceilings and wide open areas. We enjoyed walking through and hanging out in the space before we boarded.

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Study Abroad in Copenhagen


My oldest daughter was accepted into a study abroad program with her college. She was excited and Susan and I encouraged her to take advantage of the opportunity to go. She, in response requested that the family travel together before the program on a family trip to Europe. Susan jumped on the proposal and said “that’s a great idea.” Before I could say anything, the decision was made, and we were going to Europe for ten days as a family of four.

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Austrian Airlines Business Class: One Delicious Flight!

I thought that skiing in Verbier would be the only highlight of a trip to Switzerland last January. Austrian Airlines #89 Business Class from Vienna to Newark proved that assumption wrong – but not for the reason you might think.

My Austrian Airlines #89 Boeing 767 after landing in Newark

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