Lufthansa Business Lounge – Frankfurt

On arrival to the airport buses transport travelers to Terminal 1 Concourse A inside Schengen passport control. It’s the 2nd to the top level of the Terminal 1 area of the airport. From there you must go up a level to Concourse Z, the Non-Schengen passport area where international oversea flights depart from. I’m not entirely sure how we did this, as the terminal’s have poor signage and little in the way of passenger assistance. Just before entering Concourse Z, passengers clear a security check to confirm passports.

Once in concourse Z, the signage is a little better and within a few moments we had found the entrance to the Business Lounge. The entrance serves both the Business and Senator Lufthansa Lounges. The Senator Lounge is first class and Gold Star passengers, where, as the name suggests, the Business Lounge serves business class passengers. I’ve read both lounges are similar, but have no experience in the Senator Lounge to confirm this. After check in you ascend a tall escalator and enter directly into the Business Lounge.

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Austrian Airlines Business Class: One Delicious Flight!

I thought that skiing in Verbier would be the only highlight of a trip to Switzerland last January. Austrian Airlines #89 Business Class from Vienna to Newark proved that assumption wrong – but not for the reason you might think.

My Austrian Airlines #89 Boeing 767 after landing in Newark

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