Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa And Marina

I recently had a meeting in the San Diego area, and needed a hotel room for one evening’s stay. After searching, the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina came up with a rate of $143.00 per night for Lania King (standard room). I hadn’t stayed at this property before and decided with such a good rate, it would be a chance to see and review the resort.

Since we were only going to be gone for one evening, Susan was able to get away and join me. She took advantage of our Southwest Airlines Companion Pass to fly down for $5.60 in taxes. Say what you will about Southwest, but the Companion Pass we qualified for last year has been a much enjoyed benefit.

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Hyatt Regency San Francisco International Airport


Since Susan and I would be leaving from San Francisco Airport in the morning we elected to stay at the Hyatt Regency SFO the evening before. This served us in two ways in that we would avoid a drive from Sacramento on the day of our short trip to Los Angeles and, and we would pick up another stay toward our diamond status with Hyatt.

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Hyatt Regency LAX – Master Review

Being based out of a secondary market like Sacramento means that you usually are going to connect to wherever you’re going. There are a handful of directs, but at the end of the day it’s a connection (or two) for most of your travels. One of my favorite airports to connect through is Los Angeles International Airport. People love to hate LAX, but in my twisted view of reality I enjoy the sea of humanity that is constantly trying to get into and out of the iconic location.

One of my favorite tricks is to overnight at this airport when flying a transcontinental to the east coast. I’ll typically come in the evening before and try to get out early the next day. This gives me a few things. A rested evening before a day of travel. An earlier arrival into the east coast. The chance to enjoy a true business class seat when traveling across the county. An opportunity to pick up a Hyatt stay toward my Diamond status. All wins again in my twisted view.

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Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa

rc view

After we picked up our luggage at the carousel, our daughter picked us up at arrivals area of Honolulu International Airport. After a 30 minute drive we pulled up to the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa. As I mentioned before, we’ve stayed at this property many times and made it our home when visiting family in Honolulu.

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Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

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The family was getting together in Honolulu for spring break this year. Our best deal for flying to and from Honolulu was a round trip from bay area San Jose airport to Honolulu and back. San Jose is around 90 minutes from Sacramento, with no traffic. Had we driven to the airport in the morning it could have taken up to 3 hours for the traverse (in the morning commute) and our flight was scheduled for 8:55AM. In an effort to make the morning less hectic (and pick up a Hyatt stay) we decided to book a room at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara the night before our flight. We arrived at the hotel late that evening after a day at the office.

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Hyatt Regency Sacramento

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I’m Diamond level with Hyatt Gold Passport. I enjoy the benefits, and Susan really loves the benefits. I mean she loves, loves, loves the benefits. Especially the comped morning breakfast. It’s her favorite meal of the day and as a Diamond it’s on the house. In order to maintain our Diamond elite status with Hyatt’s Gold Passport Program we need to have 25 says during the calendar year. For us, and our travel patterns, 25 Hyatt stays are not a forgone conclusion. We normally would have ~18 stays per year in a standard schedule (including 2 from our Hyatt Visa card for hitting 20K in spending). So that means we need to plan a few additional evenings at a local/nearby Hyatt somewhere. Sometimes we go to San Francisco and stay at a Hyatt in the city, including the Hyatt Fisherman’s Warf which I reviewed earlier in the year.

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Hyatt Regency Boston

HR Sign

Business required a Friday meeting in the city of Boston. The group would be finishing up around 3pm in the afternoon and I could have flown back to Sacramento at that time. Being that it was a Friday, I decided to spend a couple more days in Boston and enjoy a location I hadn’t visited in years.

The Boston Hyatt Regency had a paid rate of $199.00 per night (before taxes) and I booked the hotel for the next 2 nights. I thought the rate was fair, and this would give Susan and I another stay towards our needed 25 stays required for Hyatt Diamond status.

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Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor


Our flight landed at Boston Logan at 11:15pm. I chose the first evening at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor for a few reasons. 1) With a late arrival it wouldn’t lake long to check into the hotel and get some sleep. 2)  It was less expensive that the Hyatt Regency Boston, so there was a cost benefit. 3) In the morning I could transfer to the Hyatt Regency for the remainder of my stay. I could review 2 locations and get 2 stays toward my diamond status with Hyatt. I ended up booking a standard “Aviation King” room at $179.00 per night before taxes.

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