Review: Delta Transcontinental Business Class – Los Angeles to New York

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Our flight from SMF we arrived at gate 68 terminal 6. Our departure was gate 51B in terminal 5. Also we had arrived 30 minutes later than scheduled on the SMF leg, so there wasn’t time for a lounge visit and I needed to head directly to gate 51B. When making connections between terminal 5 and 6, travelers need to access an underground tunnel airside between the terminals.

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Getting There: Delta it is

Delta it is

After speaking with Scott and conferring with Susan, I decided I would fly out on Thursday the 31st and back on Saturday the 2nd. That would make it a quick fun trip. I have been a Delta Elite (currently Platinum) for years and I’m always in need of MQMs in order to maintain my Medallion status. I had approximately 3 weeks until my needed travel dates and after I looked at fares I became a bit concerned. They were high, very high. I’m based out of Sacramento California and my outline route was SMF-XXX-NYC-XXX-SMF. Fares were running from $700 – $900 in coach on delta. Some of the flight segments had only middle seats left. First was $1,500+. Well I guess I could fly another carrier for this trip. When I investigated the other airline’s flights I couldn’t find anything that much better. Holiday travel was going to be expensive. Continue reading “Getting There: Delta it is”