Choices – Looking At A New Frequent Flyer Program

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Usually choice is a good thing, even if decisions are hard to make.

I’ve made a decision to make 2017 my last year of higher end elite status with Delta Airlines. I’m sure there will plenty of instances where I choose to fly with Delta after 2017, but it will be as an annually renewed Silver Medallion with Million Miler status and not as an elite Platinum or Diamond Medallion.

The next phase of course is what to do going forward (once I hit my final Diamond Medallion mark), and since it makes sense to plan these things ahead I’m trying to evaluate what to do about airline elite status in the future. There are 2 parts of this choice.

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Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card – No-brainer


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If you have any inclination to travel to Alaska, Hawaii or Mexico – this is a credit card you really want to consider. This is especially true if you located on the west coast of the United States; although I also have friends on the east coast that also find it very useful. It is one of my very favorite travel credit cards and also one I’ve held the longest.

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Surf Who?


It’s always been difficult to fly out of San Francisco from Sacramento. SFO is a great airport. Who doesn’t love the Bay Area, and there are so many destinations out of San Francisco.  At the same time, it can be a real bitch driving there from Sacramento. If you drive during rush hour in the commute traffic, “forgetta bout it”.

United Airlines does offer a direct commuter/feeder flight from Sacramento to San Francisco. It’s pricy if you plan out a future flight, and even more expensive as a last minute add on to a non-United itinerary. This got me wondering if there was a charter airline service that operated between Sacramento to SFO.

After doing a quick google search one of the choices that popped up was “Surf Air”. I thought to myself “Surf who?” At this point I started exploring the website and doing a little research.

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Delta Million Miler Status

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The summer has been racing by and my level of travel has been a bit busier than even I care to do. Don’t take me wrong, I love to be going somewhere. But as a full time professional and family man (Susan and have a blended situation) it’s all a matter of balance. Having said that, somewhere over the Atlantic in June I was flying with Virgin Atlantic on a purchased J fare when I hit my Million Miller mark with Delta Airlines.

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Delta Domestic First Class – Boston to Sacramento

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After finishing up some work at the Sky Club in Terminal A I walked down to gate A3 and prepared to board my flight. On the dot at 3:50pm the gate agent began the boarding process and, when first class was called, I walked down the ramp through the jetway and into the first and only door being boarded. The flight attendant Donnie was friendly as she greeted the passengers. I also saw Katlin from my first Sacramento flight on Thursday and she was working this flight as well.

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The Escape Lounge – Minneapolis


I left the Delta Sky Club about 15 minutes before my fight was scheduled to board. My plan was to walk the MSP Airport Mall that runs from the F Concourse to the E Concourse and back – and then down to gate F9. I’ve always enjoyed this part of MSP, the Mall that is. The MSP Mall is funky, looks like it’s been there a long time, and has a decidedly Minnesota feel to it. It is utterly unique to any airport or terminal I have ever visited and I love walking through it. When I got to the end of the Mall by the E concourse I noticed a sign for Escape Lounge.

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Delta Sky Club – Minneapolis F Concourse


I had approximately an hour between arrival and departure for my connecting flight at Minneapolis. The gate my flight was leaving out of was F9, and so I decided to visit and review the Delta Sky Club in the F Concourse of the Lindbergh Terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Wow, what a mouthful.

I exited gate F5 at Minneapolis and walked down the F concourse to F1 and the intersection with the G concourse. The Sky Club’s bright blue glass doors help identify the lounge as they are sort of hidden behind an elevator. Upon entering the lounge, I presented my membership card and was polity checked in by the friendly associate.

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Delta Sky Club – Boston

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After checking out of the Hyatt Regency Boston I hired a cab to take me to Boston Logan International where I checked in for my return flight home. I arrived at the airport at 2:50pm on a Sunday and check-in and security together took about 20 minutes. The airport was certainly busier than my late night arrival, but Boston’s Main Terminal A is a fairly efficient operation and having TSA PreCheck helped as well.

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