United Domestic First Class Atlanta to Denver to Sacramento



After enjoying the Atlanta Sky Club in the F terminal we took the underground train back to the T terminal. Total time to the gate was approximately 25 minutes. After reaching gate T13, we waited another 5 minutes before United started to board the aircraft. Pre-board was first, followed by group 1 which included the first class cabin. The process was orderly and, ahem, civilized. More so than the Delta flights I’m use to boarding.

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Delta Sky Club Atlanta F International Concourse


We had finished our meetings with HQ, and Paul was ready to go home. We arrived about 2 hours before our flights, and I had my eyes set on visiting the Atlanta F Concourse with outdoor Sky Deck at the Delta Sky Club. This club opened up 3 years ago, but during my travels I have never has a chance to visit it and I was looking forward to finally doing so.

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Southwest and San Diego


Earlier this summer I had a couple trips to San Diego. One for business, one personal. The business trip was for a meeting on Coronado island, and the hosting company put us up at the Hotel Del, which isn’t a bad place to have to stay for business. On the other trip I stayed with friends. For both trips I flew on Southwest Airlines Sacramento to San Diego. Say what you will about Southwest, but the airline really does the short haul well. Also, there are no less than 9 direct flights available per day from Sacramento to San Diego. No doubt about it, if you want to travel from Sacramento to San Diego it’s tough to beat Southwest Airlines.

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Delta Ground Services Atlanta


After reaching the gate in Atlanta, Paul jumped up and quickly exited the plane. I was in 2D and took my time gathering my items as I wanted to try and get a picture of the forward cabin with fewer people. After a couple moments I heard Paul in the jetway saying “Jimmy, Jimmy – get out here you got to see this.” Paul had sleep most of the flight and I thought he was mostly lucid, but I was wondering what on earth we wanted me to see and more importantly why? I gathered my things and Paul was standing at the outdoor access door with a Delta representative. The gentlemen from Delta looked at me and said “Are you James Gottfredson?”

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A Summer of Promotions


The summer has been slipping away, and now that it is September I have an update as to my search for another carrier to fly and complete status on. Per my previous post I have been looking for another airline and reward program instead of Delta’s SkyMiles program. I’ve been an elite with Delta for a long time, but I’m interested trying another airline that has a more lucrative frequent flyer program. I figured I had until next year to make this change as I planned on finishing with Delta as a diamond at the end of this year. While I’ve been doing some research on other frequent flyer programs, a number of promotions came out this summer, as well as some industry news that ended up affecting my flying for the next 18 months.

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Delta Domestic First Class Sacramento to Atlanta


At gate A3 Paul and I had a short wait before they started boarding. The gates at Terminal A are well laid out and typically don’t get too backed up for boarding. This is true even for Delta’s poor boarding process. Delta called for passengers that needed additional time, and then called for first class to board.

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