Alaska Airlines And The Night Of January 8th

Well the goodies just keep coming from Alaska, although some members aren’t happy with the pace that there being rolled out. For the record this integration is taking place at lighting speed as compared to ones of the past, and less than a month after the acquisition closed several announcements and changes have taken place for Alaska Airlines and Virgin America flyers.

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Virgin America Elevate Gold Status Match

Virgin America until recently had a very generous status match program for its Elevate loyalty program. The match had been available on and off for a number of years, and was frequently covered and discussed in the frequently flyer community. In April it was announced that Alaska Airlines would be acquiring Virgin America and it was speculated that the opportunity for a status match with Virgin America would disappear – which it did later in the fall of 2016. If you look for the challenge on the Virgin America website now the message is:

“We like your thinking. Unfortunately we are longer accepting status match applications for 2016. Please check back in 2017 for some exciting changes.”

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Hyatt Regency LAX – Master Review

Being based out of a secondary market like Sacramento means that you usually are going to connect to wherever you’re going. There are a handful of directs, but at the end of the day it’s a connection (or two) for most of your travels. One of my favorite airports to connect through is Los Angeles International Airport. People love to hate LAX, but in my twisted view of reality I enjoy the sea of humanity that is constantly trying to get into and out of the iconic location.

One of my favorite tricks is to overnight at this airport when flying a transcontinental to the east coast. I’ll typically come in the evening before and try to get out early the next day. This gives me a few things. A rested evening before a day of travel. An earlier arrival into the east coast. The chance to enjoy a true business class seat when traveling across the county. An opportunity to pick up a Hyatt stay toward my Diamond status. All wins again in my twisted view.

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