SAS Intra-European Business Copenhagen to Frankfurt

After visiting the SAS Business Lounge, we gathered our items and proceeded to Gate A17. I don’t get to travel in Europe near as much as I would like to. Flying on SAS out of Copenhagen was going to be enjoyable as I was looking forward to experiencing an airport in another country, and the different airlines that are present. Walking to gate A17 I frequently would stop and gaze at the different planes out on the tarmac. Before long we arrived at our gate and waited to board. It was relatively crowded, as we waited to board our flight.

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SAS Business Lounge Copenhagen

Our SAS flight was early in the morning at 7:05am, so we arrived to the Copenhagen airport by 4:30am. We were booked into intra-European business class, which for SAS means an upfront economy seat with the middle seat blocked. It also meant we could fortunately use the business class check-in counter. Even this early in the morning, that line was long and slow, and I noticed the economy line was worse. It took us 40 minutes to wait in line and then check in. The attitude by the SAS associates was cold and apathetic.

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Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

There are not any Hyatt or Starwood hotels in the city of Copenhagen. There is a Marriott, but it was booked up for the dates we were visiting, so we ended up booking an independent hotel – the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel. Our flight from Vienna arrived later in the day and after a 30-minute cab drive from the airport we arrived at 8:30pm. Being in the northern part of Europe, and in June, the sun was still shining and we had plenty of daylight left for check-in and some exploring. Once you walk into the hotel you turn immediately to the left to find the check-in desks.

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