Delta Domestic First Class Sacramento to Atlanta


At gate A3 Paul and I had a short wait before they started boarding. The gates at Terminal A are well laid out and typically don’t get too backed up for boarding. This is true even for Delta’s poor boarding process. Delta called for passengers that needed additional time, and then called for first class to board.

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Delta Airlines 760
Sacramento (SMF) – Atlanta (ATL)
Saturday February 27th, 2016
Departure Time: 12:55pm
Arrival Time: 8:13pm
Flight Time: 4hr18min
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat: 02D, Domestic First Class


our flight today rOur Flight Today


First class cabinDelta A320 domestic first class cabin

After seating down in our seats 2C and 2D the flight attendant, a female in her 50’s, quickly came over and took our jackets and a pre-departure beverage order. I had club soda, Paul ordered another glass of wine.

Paul was already feeling pretty good from the lunch. After enjoying his first per-boarding beverage he was feeling even better. So good in fact, he was using his outside voice and the conversation was all over the place. I gently reminded to be a little quieter, which only made him laugh and get louder. Oh boy.

knee roomKnee room

fcc 03Side view of the cabin

FCC 02Looking forward

Despite Paul’s outgoing behavior, the flight attended was very sweet with him, which I was thankful for. She then asked him if he wanted another glass of wine, and he did, and he drank it. I’ve worked with Paul for a long time and he doesn’t drink during the day. When he does drink he’s usually a happy drunk which is better than the alternative. I attributed our long delay and the fact he generally doesn’t enjoy flying as the main culprits for his current state. The crew finished boarding the plane closed the door and we all headed down the runway. Just before we left the ground, Paul turned to me, smiled and said this was his favorite part, and then proceeded to make airplane noises.

Pulling outPreparing to depart

accendingViews ascending out of Sacramento

american riverAmerican river

sierraSnowy Sierra Mountains

Right after takeoff Paul fell into a decent sleep, read passed out. He did wake up for dinner which took place about 30 minutes into the flight. I had the steak salad and Paul had the enchiladas, and another glass of wine. I also made him drink a couple glasses of water, to which his response was “All right Jimmy.” After dinner Paul fell asleep again, and for the remainder of the flight. Thank the maker.

towleWarm towel before dinner

table clothSetting with table cloth

red windeWine in glassware


dinnerAfternoon entre with dessert

desertDessert tray

Many of Delta’s smaller narrow body aircraft have 12 seats in the first class cabin. The arrangement is 3-rows of 2×2 and this A320 was configured as such. During this flight we had the usual Delta first class red blanket, pillow and small bottle of Dasani water. We were offered the snack basket a couple times after dinner. With Paul happily asleep, I worked for an hour or so and enjoyed the piece and quite. About an hour before our initial decent I fell asleep. The caption’s announcement woke me up. I looked out the window and the lights of Atlanta looked welcoming as we came in for an uneventful landing.

Unbeknownst to me, a highlight of the trip was about to take place.

In Summary:

Despite a day of changes and hiccups, Delta took care of Paul and I and got us to Atlanta safely. I really appreciated their willingness to move us to the direct flight and the first class cabin offered a consistent and enjoyable in flight experience.

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