Delta Sky Club Atlanta F International Concourse


We had finished our meetings with HQ, and Paul was ready to go home. We arrived about 2 hours before our flights, and I had my eyes set on visiting the Atlanta F Concourse with outdoor Sky Deck at the Delta Sky Club. This club opened up 3 years ago, but during my travels I have never has a chance to visit it and I was looking forward to finally doing so.

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After checking in at the United Airlines desk in the Atlanta T concourse we passed through security and then down the escalators to the underground train. The F concourse is on the other side of the terminal complex and it took us about 20 minutes to get underneath it. Once you exit the train you go up 2 sets of escalators. The first one gets you into the F concourse, the second brings you up the second level where the Sky Club is located. As you approach the club entry there is a lot of blue going on, including the main front entry signage and backdrop of the reception desk.

atlanta-people-moverATL underground train

esclatorsGoing Up

concourse-fConcourse F

second-esclatorView of Sky Club

signEntrance sign

After entering the associate checked both myself and my guest Paul in. Delta doesn’t require a personal ID any longer, and your membership card is all you need to be checked in. After the associate confirmed we weren’t flying on Delta that afternoon we were waved into the club. The front entry area has a reception desk with the bright diamond blue Delta pattern behind the associates. To your left is the signature four red chairs and table. This design accent is common to many of the Delta Sky Clubs.

You enter in the center. To the left is the main dinning space, lounge bar, a long curved seating room and the shower suites. To the right is a resting space and a second floor of additional seating. The outdoor Sky Deck site sits about center (and a bit deep) in the club.

Paul and I turned left and grabbed a couple chairs. Just as you pass the bar you enter the curved room with seating. There are a coupe small cubby spaces with 6 chairs and two tables. The rest of the room is open with windows on the right and the curved wall on the left. The wall has a 12″ high elongated slot with pictures of travel phrases. The windows side has a work bar and stools, as well as open views out onto the tarmac. Interesting space.


red-chairsRed Chairs

curved-sideCurved room left

wordsSignage of written thoughts

f10View from the curved side

area-1Cubbyhole seating area just before curved area

Just before the curved room is main dining space and bar. It works well as a central transition space and is a nice setup. The dining area has a number of seating locations against the windows and some high top seating space next to the bar. The usual Delta fair of salads, veggies, soup and snacks are available. There are also a couple hot dishes offered which is  unique to this international Sky Club. For our visit, the selections included chicken tagine and a braised spinach.

The bar is a lower sitting with open counter on the end and stool seating along the right and left sides. The white counters rest on a rich Delta blue base and it was a popular location on the day of our visit.


back-throughViews of dining and seating just past bar area

kitchenViews of bar area just past kitchen (reverse)

soup-and-saladSoup, bread and salad



hot-dishes-coffeeHot food and caffeine

bar-areaBar area

At the back of the curved room emptied into an access hall into the shower suites. Once you enter the main area there is a reception desk where an associate can check you into a suite. The associate working the desk was very sweet and offered assistance immediately when I walked in. There is a small table and chair area for waiting for your shower; a well thought out design. The suites were washed in bright Delta red subway brick and the entire area was bright, clean, and inviting. This is a fine setup for a shower lounge.

showers-signSignage to small hall for shower access

access-hallAccess hall for shower space

entryEntry into shower reception area

shower-frontReception desk

waiting-space-for-showerWaiting area

shower-suite-4Main shower space

shower-suite-2View in

sinkSink area

girlsMy hosts

The main public restrooms are behind the bar area by accessing a small hall way. The interiors are washed in the same Delta red subway brink. Being clean and well maintained, they serve their function.


restroom-hallAccess hall for restrooms

mens-restroomMen’s restroom

This club is one of the 2 Delta Sky Clubs which have an outdoor patio seating area (the other being JFK). The space is rectangular in shape with comfortable outdoor furniture. There are a couple triangular red shade sails for decoration and protection. In the corner is a covered bar area of sorts. The Sky Deck offers great views of the airport, planes and operations. With how sealed and conditioned airport interiors have become, the outdoor Sky Deck is a nice amenity when transiting a terminal building.

sky-deckMain Sky Deck

sky-deck-2Covered bar area

towerViews of tower

sky-deck-view-005F10 from the deck

After enjoying the Sky Deck for a while I explored the rest of the club. From the reception area and immediately to your right is a small open seating area with the chairs arranged in a circular pattern. Behind that is a glass enclosed quiet area. The quiet area was empty most of the time and it really looked like a nice place to relax, but at the same time not very private. I wonder if the space would have been better arranged as a few private rest rooms as opposed to the open space it is.

Deeper into the lounge is the downstairs main seating area. This large and open space has the usual Delta club furniture including the blue and cream colored arm chairs and the red enclosed high back chairs. Again, nice views of the airport and activities are afforded in this section of the lounge.


front-areaArea front and right

curtain-shadeOpen seating before sleeping area

sleep-roomQuiet room with stars

sleep-chairRecliner in quiet room

reader-boardReader board in main area

open-area-1Main open seating to right

The last area of this very large Sky Club is the upstairs seating area above the main lounge. Just before entering the main seating area there is a stylish marble and glass staircase set against a blue glass wall. This staircase leads to an upper level seating area. The space upstairs is fenced in with a short glass wall and you’ll find a collection of table-chairs, arm chairs and small tables for relaxing and/or doing work. The views are great and the upper level stayed very quiet during our visit.

stairsStairs to top deck

top-deckTop deck space

top-deck-2Outward view top deck

In Summary:

The Delta Sky Club Atlanta, concourse F is a well done international business class lounge. It is a large and segregated into a number of useful and relaxing areas. The dining room, bar and Sky Deck are enjoyable areas to eat or relax – all with quality food and interesting views of the outdoor ramp area. The shower suites are a welcome addition to a lounge that will be receiving passengers from destinations around the world. This Sky Club is a very enjoyable lounge, and it makes a person actually look forward to connecting through or departing from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.


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