Delta One International Business Class Seattle to London


After landing in Seattle, we exited security and made our way to collect our bags at the Alaska belt. Alaska has a 20-minute guarantee on receiving checked baggage, and I’ve found them to be consistently quick at getting your luggage out. Through a mix-up on our initial Alaska flight, we needed to collect our bags and re-check-in for the international Delta segment. Our layover was 4 hours and we had more than enough time for this exercise.

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aaa-1Coming into Seattle from Sacramento

aaa-3EVA Cargo plane with Rainer in the background

I’ve only visited the check in area of Seattle once, and that was a year ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect for the SeaTac airport. Much to my surprise the Delta area was easy to navigate and the Sky Priority counters have a nice setup with open low tables and friendly agents ready to assist. After a few minutes, we were checked in and on our way into the airside part of the terminal.

Our first stop was Anthony’s seafood restaurant, which the girls enjoy. I must admit I love the gigantic windows that bathe the space in daylight. Next was the American Express Centurion Club (reviewed earlier) and then onto our gates. Our gate was S8, which required taking the S-loop train to the remote S terminal. Once there, we waited to board with business class.

aaa-2Delta check in area

aaa-4bOpen and easy Sky Priority check in

aaa-5Anthony’s Seafood – in the sunlight

trainS-loop train at SEA

Delta Airlines 36
Seattle (SEA) – London (LHR)
Sunday June 5th, 2016
Departure Time: 9:07pm
Arrival Time: 3:05pm (+1)
Flight Time: 9hr58min
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Seat 3D, Long Haul International Business Class

We arrived at gate S8 about ten minutes before boarding. When traveling buy myself I try to be early at the gate. This is much more difficult with 3 girls in tow (sorry it’s just the truth). Boarding time for persons needing assistance started at 8:15pm and Delta One was approximately 10 minutes later. The boarding for Delta One was a relative clamor, which I find the norm on a Delta flight. Don’t take me wrong, I think Delta does a lot of things properly, boarding just isn’t one of them.

The Delta One cabin boarded through the forward door and we settled in. The flight attendants were handing out Champaign and juice, as well as the Sahale Snack prepackaged nuts (the same on the Transcontinental route). One attendant, Kim, came by to take my dinner order – and congratulated me on reaching one million miles with Delta. This was a nice surprise as I had reached the milestone a month earlier on another carrier and wasn’t expecting Delta to put this “together”. In any case I appreciated her gratitude and enjoyed her service.

The Delta One Thompson Solutions Vantage flatbed sleeper seats on this Boeing 767-300 aircraft are identical to the ones on their LAX/SFO-JFK service. The transcontinental birds have 26 seats, the transatlantic version has 36 (Delta does swap these around). The seat is a good, but not great, international business seat. It is a little narrow and lacks ample storage space, but they are also very private and for the most part comfortable. Waiting for you at your seat is a comforter, pillow, Bose headphone set, amenity kit and Dasani bottle of water.


our-rideOur ride, Boeing 767

jetbrideg-2Jet bridge in

cabin-03The cabin filled up quickly

cabin-02-rOpen view looking back

orderFA taking dinner orders

seat-03Delta One Thompson Solutions Vantage flat seat – 3D

seat-04Comforter, pillow, amenity kit and headphones

seat-06Neighbor 2D

seat-01Looking forward into an empty 2D

seat-07Another angle of 3D

entryLimited storage

tumiAmenity kit contents, I like the socks

light-and-powerWater, power, and lighting

restroomLavatory in Delta One (D side)


Door close was at 8:54pm with push back at 9:07pm. As we prepared for take-off the in-flight safety briefing played on the IFE screen. For this flight the Delta video demonstration was titled “The Safety’s” and was intended to be funny. Maybe I’ve seen to many of these gag safety videos, because I found it not to be that humorous. We were delayed at the gate for about 20 minutes, and at 9:26pm we cleared for push back. As we taxied out the sun was setting late in this northern location and the colors were beautiful. The weather was clear and it was a great night to fly.

settleinEveryone getting settled in

preping-outAnother large 767 being loaded

safetysDelta in-flight safety briefing

safty-v2IEF system

sunsetBeautiful northern sunset

sunset-2Another sunset shot

sw-unetBacklit Southwest

run-way-34Ready for takeoff

Ascending out of Seattle was enchanting. Being early June, and close to the summer solstice, the sky never got completely dark as we progressed over the northern regions.

After taking off from Seattle I checked out the online WiFi options. Gogo offered access for the entire flight for $16.95, which I thought was fare. I don’t know if this was because I’m a monthly Gogo user, or if this was offered to everyone on the flight. In either case I purchased the inflight access package, and had a good connection for the entire flight.

The in-flight entertainment system on my flight was the same Delta One international screen and system that Delta has had at least for the previous 4 or 5 years. The screen is relatively small (compared to other carriers) and this system is aged, and it shows. Regardless the content selection was good and I enjoyed a movie and a couple shows during my flight.

way-outSeattle bathed in the evening sunset

viewsStill snow covered

video-5IEF start screen – notice dark areas

selectionDecent content and selection

wi-fiIn-flight WiFi by GOGO

Before takeoff the flight attendant, Kim, had taken our dinner orders. There was a choice of filet, chicken or halibut. I had the fish. Delta’s inflight meal service is an excellent business class product. Service was attentive and the food tasted excellent. I was genuinely surprised how good the fish was, as well as the rest of the meal. Delta has continually improved their meal service on international business flights during the last 5 years or so.

tableFold out table

towel-rHot towel pre-meal service

wine-glassChampagne to start

menu-0Delta One menu cover

menu-1Menu Introduction

menu-2Dinner menu

menu-3Spirits and beverages

wineWine offering

appitizer-rProsciutto upfront – excellent

Soup and salad

fishHalibut mains

After dinner, I watched a couple Ted Talks and prepared to rest for the evening. Kudus to Delta for their bedding and pillow that are a part of the Westin Heavenly bed service. I normally like to sleep with the window shades open on night flights, but it was never quite dark on this flight.

tedMy evening Ted Talk

twilightNever got dark on this June flight

bedWestin Heavily Bedding

I was able to sleep four to five hours, which was good for me. A couple hours outside of London several of us were awake and began to stir. The flight attendants had asked the evening before if you wanted to be woken for breakfast service before landing. The morning offering was good, but also looked suspiciously like other Delta breakfasts I’ve had on other U.S. domestic F routes. Fruit, an egg omelet, salsa, croissant and preserves; yes, it looked like it was regular Delta morning fare. For the record, I like Delta’s breakfast offerings.

After breakfast the flight attendants cleaned up the cabin and before long we were on approach for London. Nine hours had gone by quickly.

Warm towel

Breakfast tray

video-dis-2Getting Close

The English country side looked green and beautiful. Being American and never traveling internationally until much later in life, I love landing at Heathrow in London. It’s both familiar and different. For me it means I’m in Europe.

londonLoving the views of England


ow-747BA 747

As we exited the plane Susan frowned and mentioned she needed more coffee. I suggested we get checked in for our next flight and then head to the United Club. Susan wasn’t sure if she could wait for the coffee.

In Summary

Delta continues to improve its international business product, dubbed Delta One. Cons; the lie-flat seat in bed mode is somewhat narrow and could be a little more comfortable. Service while great could be a little more refined. Pro’s; the food was excellent. Also, the staff was friendly and enjoyable. The bedding is terrific. This is a great way to get to Europe, and we were able to use miles for a family of four with availability three months ahead of schedule. No complaints from this Delta frequent flyer.

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