SAS Intra-European Business Copenhagen to Frankfurt

After visiting the SAS Business Lounge, we gathered our items and proceeded to Gate A17. I don’t get to travel in Europe near as much as I would like to. Flying on SAS out of Copenhagen was going to be enjoyable as I was looking forward to experiencing an airport in another country, and the different airlines that are present. Walking to gate A17 I frequently would stop and gaze at the different planes out on the tarmac. Before long we arrived at our gate and waited to board. It was relatively crowded, as we waited to board our flight.

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Lots of little blue tails around Copenhagen

Always loved Norwegian’s livery

Another European LCC

Crowded area around gate A17

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) SK639
Copenhagen (CPH) – Frankfurt (FRA)
Tuesday June 14th, 2016
Departure Time: 7:05am
Arrival Time: 8:45am
Flight Time: 1hr40min
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat 03A, Short Haul European Business

After 20 minutes the gate agent called for an on-time boarding. Business class and EuroBonus groups were called first for boarding, and at this point a sizeable group lined up. It wasn’t clear who was business class or EuroBonus, but there were a lot of people in this first group. Fortunately, we were also in business and boarded the plane toward the front of this large group.

On walking onto the plane, the jetway construction was a glass sided corridor that included a criss-cross lattice structure. It was open and airy, and made for a nice way to walk onto an airplane. I haven’t seen a setup like this in the U.S.

On entering the Airbus A320 it was a standard configuration with 3×3 seating and 31 pitch slimline seats. The business class setup was a standard European coach seat setup, and the center seat blocked out for more room. The seats themselves were finished in SAS blue with a white doily headrest bearing the SAS insignia. I thought the cabin looked clean, simple, smart, and very Scandinavian. I took residence in seat 3A and ended up having the entire bench to myself. Susan was in 4A and our daughter was in 5A. Yes, we all wanted a window seat for this short flight.

On the way out, I enjoyed looking at the other European aircraft. Door close and push back occurred on time, and we then took another 15 minutes to roll out and prepare for takeoff. Everything went smooth, and 10 minutes later we climbed up, out, and above the overcast weather were we enjoyed a sunny cloud top view.

Our route today

Entry into jetway

Glass encased jetway

Yep, European business

Slimline seats were comfortable for our short flight

Side view of 3D, 3E, and 3F

Good leg room with a 32″ pitch

Seat back setup

Another red head Norwegian


Climbing out above Copenhagen

Blue Skies

After 15 minutes the crew started working the cabin and serving the morning meal. First a beverage service was performed and drinks were served. A menu was handed out indicating what options were available as a PLUS traveler. The menu indicated that breakfast is served until 9:00am. After then other items are served depending on the time of day. There was also a pre-printed “for purchase” menu used when this seat is configured as standard coach.

Breakfast service started with the drink order, then a hot towel service. A small paper mat is then placed on your seatback table and a morning bread roll is offered. I also ordered coffee and water. The coffee includes a small milk single, and the water comes in a good sized plastic bottle (nice touch). Finally, breakfast is served in a bright blue SAS box. The contents include cold cuts with cheese and veggies, yogurt, and a very small container of orange juice. Again, very Scandinavian.

This A320 didn’t have inflight WiFi or entertainment options. After breakfast I relaxed, enjoyed the view, and thumbed through the SAS reading material on the plane. There was a very interesting article about a young Scandinavian who is planning on flying 800 flights in 180 days. If you are interested in reading it I’ve included the link here.

Breakfast menu

Bottle of water

Hot towel service

Table mat

Bread service with breakfast box


Article on Fredrik Nordbo

Coach menu in the seat back


Soon it was time to descend and land at Frankfort. This was my first trip to this airport and I watched everything as we landed. The place looked large, overcast, and wet, as we made our way to the mobile gates. Deplaning and transporting to the terminal was organized and handled with German efficiency. Finding the next terminal and lounge was not as easy.

Directly over Frankfurt

Lots of blue tails with orange medallions

Our view off loading

Mobile staircase

Our ride parked in Frankfurt

In Summary:

Our short flight from Copenhagen to Frankfurt was easy and comfortable. There’s nothing super special about this flight. The seat is a coach seat, the staff although competent didn’t stand out, and the food was basically a snack box. Still, it was nice to have the whole bench to myself and for a 90 minute flight not much more is needed. I also enjoy the Scandinavian feel that is a part of SAS, and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

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