Lufthansa Business Lounge – Frankfurt

On arrival to the airport buses transport travelers to Terminal 1 Concourse A inside Schengen passport control. It’s the 2nd to the top level of the Terminal 1 area of the airport. From there you must go up a level to Concourse Z, the Non-Schengen passport area where international oversea flights depart from. I’m not entirely sure how we did this, as the terminal’s have poor signage and little in the way of passenger assistance. Just before entering Concourse Z, passengers clear a security check to confirm passports.

Once in concourse Z, the signage is a little better and within a few moments we had found the entrance to the Business Lounge. The entrance serves both the Business and Senator Lufthansa Lounges. The Senator Lounge is first class and Gold Star passengers, where, as the name suggests, the Business Lounge serves business class passengers. I’ve read both lounges are similar, but have no experience in the Senator Lounge to confirm this. After check in you ascend a tall escalator and enter directly into the Business Lounge.

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Entrance to Senator and Business Lounge

Turn left, then escalator to Business Lounge

Straight up

Lounge entrance at stair top with agent desk

Looking into the lounge

Walking into the lounge, the dining area is directly in front of you. To the left are showers and restrooms, to the right is a fairly large and quiet business center. Past these three areas are the rest of the seating and open lounge areas. The far wall of the Business Lounge has full wall windows with lots of daylight and views of the tarmac and gate operations. The space itself was light, open and busy with activity.

The dining area included sideboards of simple continental breakfast items. Offerings included cold cuts, fruit, cereals, yogurt and all sorts of desired beverages. It wasn’t an extensive offering, but it was well laid out and would suffice for a morning meal if your hungry. Extending off the dining area and spread throughout the lounge were both high and low top tables for eating and/or working. The entire lounge, including the dining areas were kept clean.

Sideboards of a continental breakfast

German cold cuts and cheese



Cereal and fruits

More fruit with yogurt

Caffeine or vino



High and low top tables

Inside the lounge the space was defined by a couple main areas. The inside area had seating, work area’s, quiet zones, TV viewing, literature, and such. The furthest area into the lounge was an arced space following the glass wall with seating spaces lined up next to the windows. The windows were partially blinded with an etched pattern that gave a filtered view of the outdoor operations. It worked pretty well at filtering the sunlight, and hindered any photography efforts.

Along windows to the right

To the left

Long ways looking to the left

Open area around dining

Open area looking toward business center

Another angle

Orange medallion tails of 747s

The inside area is smartly laid out and creates numerous areas to relax or work. It’s mostly open but the furniture, finishes and lighting help define the different areas.

Beverage station next to quiet area

End quiet area

Inside work and eating area

Another angle in


TV Zone

Finally, I included some pictures of the business center and shower area back of house. I wanted to actually check out and photograph one of the shower suites itself, but time on this visit didn’t permit.

Hallway area to shower suites

Sink area in restroom

Computer station in the business center

Business center

In Summary:

The Lufthansa Business Lounge in Concourse Z was a perfectly fine place to spend an hour before our flight home to Seattle. The lounge is large, clean and well laid out. Is it a particularly nice lounge? No. But it does work well for average food and beverages, and offers good facilities for working or relaxing. I also thought the interior looked solid. The staff at the service desk was very helpful in rectify a seating issue we had (more on that later). Everything considered, I would recommend this lounge for use before your Lufthansa business class flight.

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