Virgin America Ends Promotional Emails

Alaska Airlines is in the middle of a massive renovation project called Virgin America. Last spring they announced that the Virgin America brand would be going away by 2019. Since that time (and probably before then) Alaska Airlines has outlined their mission to remake Virgin America into Alaska Airlines. It’s a long mission that includes a number of tasks, and recently they took another step in that process – ending the unique and stylish company emails that Virgin America sends to their customers.

Virgin America was a Richard Branson Virgin brand company from the beginning. As with all Virgin brand companies the image and marketing is bold, fresh and sexy. This was certainly true of Virgin America, and this style was always communicated in their customer emails.

Virgin America emails were always fun to receive. Frequently the message was a sales promotion, representing some location that the customer wanted to travel to. The communication often included clever cartoon characters enjoying a highlighted location, or a zany montage that was colorfully illustrating the marketing message.

Summer promotional email

Another summer promotion

Announcement of wireless internet service on routes to Hawaii

Virgin America promotional email

It now looks like Virgin America has discontinued the promotional emails it sends to its marketing subscription list. Customers will no longer be receiving these colorful messages. On the last couple emails that Virgin America sent out (dated August 2nd and 8th), this message was posted at the end of the email:

Virgin America signature emails are flying away

Per the message, Alaska Airline’s marketing group will be taking over the management of the promotional emails for the new combined airline. It looks as if some of the Virgin America creative DNA will be infused into the Alaska Airline’s team that oversees this marketing effort – Alaska Airline messages have been more edgy and “hip” as with this recent example.

Modern and cool meets granola Northwest…?

This change is another progression in the assimilation of Virgin America into Alaska Airlines. Even though I miss these quirky messages from Virgin America, Alaska Airlines really could use some modernization of its company image and product branding. Hopefully more of the old Virgin America’s promotional style and pizzazz will find its way into the new Alaska Airlines.

Am I the only one who will miss Virgin America’s quirky emails?

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