About Jimmy

IMG_6447Hello, Ahem, (drinks water).

My name is Jimmy Gottfredson. James H. Gottfredson actually, and I love to travel. Like so many people with this affliction it started at a young age. I was fascinated with airports and planes and the world at large. I was going to explore the world, or at least thought I would. College, marriage, a profession, children – life will get you side tracked. I took the path of the professional, learned a business, and was determined to provide a better existence for my family.

One thing my work did require from time to time was business travel. As a young salesman I would be in the coach section crossing the county. It wasn’t so bad in the old days. Frequently there were many open seats in coach (this was way before 9-11). It’s amazing how good you feel when you travel with an unoccupied seat and a little extra room next to you. My responsibilities gave me little time to think about traveling particulars. But as time progressed I did start to notice some things; the long lines, the increasing cramped conditions on the plane, and the poor service most airlines seemed to offer. Traveling wasn’t fun; or at least the flying part of it wasn’t fun.

And then something fortuitous happened. My business associate (who didn’t like flying at all) and I were summoned to a sales meeting on the east coast. The company we were working with took care of all the travel particulars. We both showed up to the airport ready to fly all day to the meeting. Neither one of us were travel savvy, and neither one of us had bothered to notice that we were booked into first class. As we got onto the plane we looked at each other – how the heck did we land ourselves up front? Apparently the company had noticed our sales performance from the previous year and showed their appreciation by booking us into first class. That flight was very enjoyable, and I became very interested in how to travel like that more often.

Since that flight, I’ve started to travel for enjoyment as well as work. By reading and studying I’ve learned enough tricks and techniques that actually make the journey fun again. This blog is intended to share my knowledge and experiences with you.