United Club Denver – West Location


We exited from gate B47 which is on the east side of terminal B at the Denver Airport. Our connecting flight to Sacramento would be going out of gate B33 which was on the west side of the same terminal. With that in mind, I lead Paul over to the United Club West at the Denver Airport.

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Our incoming flight at landed at 5:42pm that evening, and our connecting flight would be boarding at 6:21. That gave 40 minutes to transit the terminal and visit one of the 2 United Clubs at Denver. The West Club was closest to our departure gate. We would have about 20 minutes in the club, and so this is a somewhat abbreviated review.

From the main terminal the West United Club entrance sits in the middle of the corridor as you walk toward the smaller gate numbers. You enter through a speckle glass door to a small check in desk. I have a United Club membership that comes with the United Presidential Card by Chase. This card is from my Continental days and is no longer offered by United and Chase. Once checked in you take a very tall escalator to the top level were the lounge is located.

b-terminal-mapB terminal map – by United

united-club-westClub entrance from main terminal B

entryMain door entrance

esclatorEscaltor to the club

The United Club West Denver is a bit of a rabbit’s warren. The space is broken up into multiple areas for seating, eating and working. It’s design and decoration feels old school club. In fact, it felt like I was in the MSP Delta Sky Club near the C gates, but I digress.

As you enter the club there is a small group of six chairs with 2 small tables. It is flanked by 2 large wooden architectural cabinets connected by more speckled glass. Going left from there you enter the main dinning space with a full serviced bar. There are also TVs displaying the current news in another seating area. Going further into the space is another dining area with sideboards for displaying snacks and food options.

enclaveEntry into the club

open-area-1TV space next to dining

displayLarge flight display

dining-by-barMain dining space next to bar

barCloseup of bar

open-area-2Dining space further in

The food consisted of snacks, cheese, soup, salad and fruit. It didn’t look on par with Delta’s current offerings, but it was close. The sideboards didn’t look particularly “stocked” but that could have also been our timing. In full disclosure I wasn’t hungry because of the meal on our last flight and I also knew we had another one coming on the next.

food-areaSideboards in second dining space

cheeseCheese, humus and veggies next to the soup

snacksNuts and snacks

fruitFruit offering

saladCold cuts and salad

Behind the seating and dining areas were business enclaves for getting work done. These spaces were decidedly old school and encased in faux wood walls and furniture. The access halls lead everywhere and I wondered if the space could have been laid out more efficiently. This was also the area for restrooms and the main customer help desk – which looked impressive and a little intimidating.

cooridors-03Main corridor leading to work stations

buiness-sectionWork cubes

another-cooridorAnother corridor

restroom-entryEntrance to bathrooms


Another corridor


Phone stalls

help-deskCustomer Service

The rest of the club included additional seating areas on the right hand side. The seating areas offered a lot of room and there was plenty of space for utilizing the club.

open-area-5Seating area on the right side

counter-along-windowsNice high-top table along the windows

viewsViews out on the ramp area

In Summary:

The United Club West at Denver was a large, comfortable lounge at the Denver airport. Was it perfect no, but it was pretty good. The design could be updated, more food offerings could be available and some of the layout could be better designed. Still, for one of United’s larger hubs there was plenty of space and an acceptable offering if you were hungry – which goes a far way with the majority of travelers. I wouldn’t hesitate using this lounge again on connections through Denver.

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