In A New World With Hyatt


Today Hyatt introduced a new loyalty program called World of Hyatt. It is replacing their current program ‘Hyatt Gold Passport” and there are significant changes from the current program. The current program continues until February 28th, 2017 with the new World of Hyatt program starting on March 1st of the same year.

For a detailed review of the changes and updates to the program I recommend reading this post at One Mile At A Time as Lucky has done a pretty good analysis of what to expect.

For myself the new program really is going to throw a curve ball at my ongoing Hyatt strategy. Currently I can maintain Diamond status with Hyatt by completing 25 yearly stays. For me, this is an achievable number. Most of my work takes place where my home is, and I only need to travel maybe 12 times a year for business. I can easily make up the other 13 stays with personal weekends and vacation travel.

With the new program achieving top tie status (now called Globalist) will be much more difficult – 60 stays for new elites, and 55 nights for requalification.

  • Discoverist   10 Qualifying Nights or 25,000 Base Points ($5,000 spend)
  • Explorist       30 Qualifying Nights or 50,000 Base Points ($10,000 spend)
  • Globalist       60 Qualifying Nights or 100,000 Base Points ($20,000 spend)

55 nights is probably not a realistic goal given my current travel situation. Since I have discretion in where I stay, I possibly could do the $20,000/yr in hotel room spend with Hyatt; but this would require a number of inflated room rates, which is just a waste of funds to keep Hyatt’s top tier.

I currently also use the reward program, and I can keep doing that. The issue for me is I enjoy Hyatt as a hotel chain, and I REALLY enjoy my 4:00pm check-out perk. The late check-out, for myself, is the toughest benefit to give up.

Fortunately I should be good with Hyatt until March 1st, 2018 when the full extent of the new program (with the previous year night requirements) kick in. At least I have time to consider what options the new program has to offer, or whether to choose a different hotel program altogether.

Susan is also a big Hyatt fan. She loves, loves, loves the breakfast benefit, as well as the welcome amenity.  I’m not looking forward to breaking the news about these changes to her.



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