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After spending sometime at Anthony’s restaurant in the central terminal, we walked over to the America Express Centurion Studio Lounge in the shallow part of the B gates. There were 4 of us and American Express only allows 2 visitors per card at a time; fortunately, Susan and I have our own cards and so the 4 of us could enter the lounge.

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The entry facade is a wall of architectural white glass which gives way to automatically opening dark glass doors. Once inside the familiar green wall is present as well as lots of rich finished wood on the floors, ceiling, walls and reception desk. It’s beautiful, and it has held up well during the past couple years. The only piece of furniture (away from the reception work area) is a small leather bench. The associate checked us both in and we proceeded into the lounge.

entry-outsideFront entry doors

entryLobby with green wall

check-inFront desk

Entering the lounge is directly to the right. Around the corner you’re greeted with more rich wood, art and furniture. Immediately to your second right are the lounge bathrooms, which are two different his and her individual and private bathrooms. Although the bathrooms stay busy, the staff does a commendable job of keeping them clean and usable. Other lounges could take note.

To the left is the first open seating area. The lounge itself is a long rectangle, with open seating, dining and food service, then more open space with a TV viewing room. The space is small for a typical Centurion lounge and hence why American Express has labeled the space a studio. Even so it’s smartly laid out and even though full, never felt uncomfortable.

The new Delta Sky Club has been built directly next to the Centurion Studio. I’m interested to get back to Seattle now that the Sky Club has opened and see what the views are out the windows of the Centurion space. Apparently American Express has plans to build a replacement lounge before long.

entry-02-r3bWalking in

other-side-2Single rooms for his and hers (his shown)



end-spaceFirst seating area

turnTurning toward dining space

space-03Dining space with communal table

communal-table-2Another angle

space-01Looking forward to other side of dining area

long-spaceBack seating area

tv-spaceBack room TV space

One of the nice perks of the Centurion Lounges are the upgraded food and beverages that they serve. For the Centurion Studio in Seattle the offerings are not on par with the other Centurion Lounges. For adult beverages, it is beer and wine. The brands offered are higher end and consciously thought out. Still we are talking three offerings of beer, one red wine, one white wine and one sparkling wine. That’s it.
As far as the food offered, it is comparable to “nicer munchies”; Soup, small sandwiches, vegetables, salads and such. Enough to get you through to your next full meal, but not enough for a “proper” meal in and of itself. There is also a nice offering of standard beverages, including juice, water, tea and an expresso machine.

menuBeverage menu

sideboardSideboard area

cafineBehind sideboard


beverageAdditional drinks

veggiesVegetables and such

sandwhichSalad and sandwiches


When American Express first designed and arranged for the location for this Centurion Studio, available square footage was very limited. That is why the decision to build a smaller studio as opposed to standard Centurion Lounge was chosen. Credit goes to American Express for making the most of a condensed space. From the furniture selection, arrangement of furnishings and equipment, to the overall design and layout – the space is tastefully efficient, and a little overcrowded from time to time.

seatsCubby chairs

seats-02Nice color scheme

communal-tableCool communal table

In Summary:

The Centurion Studio is a miniature version of the typically larger Centurion Lounge. It shares the thoughtful design, quality food and services, and look and feel with its bigger brother locations. It’s a good place to go to rest and get caught up on some work on a layover in Seattle. Because it’s smaller it can also get overcrowded at times.

Delta has recently open its new monster Sky Club at Seattle, and if you’re by yourself that Sky Club could be a better use of your American Express Platinum card, as it will grant you access to either location. Or you could check both out, if you have the time. That’s my plan on the next visit.

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