Park Hyatt Vienna

We arrived into Vienna airport late. Immigration was fast and efficient, and was handled directly off the plane. The jetway literally emptied into an immigration booth, and our family was processed and then walked directly into the baggage claim area. After collecting our luggage, we took a cab from the airport to the hotel.

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Once we arrived at the hotel, the doorman greeted our party and handled our luggage as we walked in and to the hotel’s main lobby. The Park Hyatt Vienna is gorgeous. The front lobby area is tall and open with marble everywhere. The finishes and furnishings include wood, leather and rich fabrics with dark tones that look transitional. The marble and classic architecture certainly have an old world European feel.

Walking into the building lobby, the reception desk area is immediately to your left. Directly in front of you is a wide staircase that leads to the main landing. Stairs are left and right once you’re standing on the landing itself. For some reason the stairs to the left are closed, but the ones to the right lead to a glass elevator for room floors, as well as other areas of the hotel. Straight ahead and beyond the landing is the bar and dining room. There are also (left and right) smaller hallways and access points for the parlors, dining spaces and other hotel facilities.

It was after midnight, but I had contacted the hotel and let them know we would be having a late check-in. Our rooms were waiting for us, a suite that we had used an upgrade for and an adjoining double. The associate escorted us upstairs to the 4th floor by riding the glass elevator, and then onto our rooms. The elevator could be a little slow and we frequently used the staircase during our stay. Once on the 4th floor we walked down the main hallway and made a left to suite 430.

Old world entry door

Main lobby area to the left as you enter


Reception desks

Entry landing

Closed staircase to the left

Level of detail in the front lobby and landing

Glass elevator and smaller staircase to the right

Smaller marble staircase to rooms

Main hall on the forth

Suite 430

The hotel associate showed us into the room, and since it was late only covered the basics of the suite. His associate then loaded the luggage into the room and bid us goodnight.

Coming into the suite there is a deep entry hallway. Off the entry hallway is a large walk in closet on the left and the bathroom on the right. The hallway ends into the living room of the suite. The walk-in closet is massive, and a luxurious part of the suite. The adjoining door to our daughter’s room was through this walk-in closet. On the left side of the closet was a modular area that included a hanging rod, shelving for clothes, and storage drawers with see through glass. It was very nice. The right included another hanger area, some more shelves, and a full-length mirror.

Across from the closet was the bathroom and it was large and well appointed. The vanity featured his and her sinks, and included a good assortment of sundries. To the left was a big walk in shower that was divine. To the right was a full bathtub and behind that and in the corner, was the commode room. Marble was everywhere, and hanging in the bathroom were a couple high end robes that were both soft and thirsty.

Closet entry side

Closet suite side

In closet looking into directly into bathroom

Main mirror and sinks

Close-up of sink area

Tray of sundries

Bathtub vault

Bath items in corner

Enclosed commode room


Shower vault next to sink

Rain shower

The entry hallway empties into the main living space. It was also beautifully decorated with modern furniture in a transitional style. The living space is large and the furniture has a comfortable layout. Pieces include a coffee table with two sitting chairs and a sofa. Behind the sofa is a large desk with plenty of work space. In the corner there is a large coffee hutch which houses a fridge and drinking glasses.

The room is thoughtfully designed. Wood floors, a center throw rug, accent tables, lamps, mirrors all complete the space. In the center of one of the main walls is a fireplace that’s been updated with mirrors and a TV. As a part of the Hyatt’s welcome treatment we received a platter with fruit, chocolate sweets, and a bottle of wine.

View walking into the living space

Same view panning left

Panning left even more

Looking into room from window daytime

Looking back into entry

Looking back toward bedroom entry

Sofa with coffee table

Sofa with sitting chairs

Desk behind sofa

Window case work (night)

Windows open daytime

Coffee hutch

Fruit, sweets and wine

Wiener Wine (te, he)

Floor plan on the door back

Off the main living space is the master bedroom. It’s design and style are similar to the living space. It’s a little on the smaller side and serves as a sleeping chamber. Along with the rich finishes and high-end design are very modern and advanced room switch stations that control the lighting, blinds, and wall mirrors. That’s correct, wall mirrors. The bedroom has a wall mounted TV in a compartment that is covered by an automatic decorative mirror that can be open or closed via the wall station. Furnishings included a king bed, end tables, and reading chair with ottoman.

King bed in master

Lamp and end table

Exit doors in master next to TV

Automated mirror closes over TV for finished look

Mirror closed and covering TV

Lighting and automation wall control units

Sitting chair and ottoman

Having Diamond status with Hyatt entitles you breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant, up to 4 guests. When traveling with our daughters, the breakfast for 4 is a great perk. I had read that the dining space at the Park Hyatt Vienna is beautiful, but even so I wasn’t prepared for just how beautiful it is. The main space is gorgeous. The first thing that strikes you about the dining space is just how open it is. The ceiling is very high, guessing 25′. The liberal use of marble on about any surface (floors, walls, columns, etc.) is beautiful and evident. Ornate decorations include large crystal globes, stain glass windows, vintage light fixtures, classic artwork, and on and on. Terms like elegant, stately and opulent come to mind.

The main dining room is the first area you see upon entering. The kitchen and serving areas are to the left, and a large bar is to the right. In the back are bathrooms and in the bar area is a huge refrigerated wine vault. The bar area is really fun. It includes a large rounded corner bar with an illuminated counter top. The stain glass back bar wall shelves the distilled spirits, and at the bar’s end is a large artificial tree. Scattered around are smaller tables and chairs that trail off into the dining space.

The morning breakfast was also equally impressive. The serving area to the left has a complete offering. Multiple varieties of breads, pastries, cold cuts, sausages, fruits, yogurts, cereals, juices, eggs and on and on and on. Everything is tastefully displayed (get it) on counters and large sideboards for the taking. As a Hyatt Diamond, you can enjoy the buffet and/or order off the menu. On a personal note my favorite item to order was the French Toast.

Dining room as you enter

Another angle

Viewing across the dining room to the bar

Across the bar top

View of bar straight on

Looking down bar to wine vault

Oven area with the baked goods

Many bread choices

Some of the more sweet baked items

Butter, jams, cheese

And more cheeses

All the fixings for good porridge

Healthy fruits

Or veggies for a salad

Open preparation area next to “cooked meats”

Cold cuts and salmon

Close up of all the cold cut choices

That’s a lot of sausage

Hard or soft boiled

Selections of yogurt and juice’s

Still, sparkling or the good stuff

My favorite item – French toast off the order menu

We enjoyed a four-night stay at the Park Hyatt Vienna, and although I never used the spa or gym facilities, I did visit and photograph them early one morning. The SPA is a full service affair with a menu of treatments and services available. The locker room and SPA facilities are top notch with a sauna, steam room, and his and her locker facilities available. The design and finishes of all these areas are high end and over the top. Details like wood or marble floors, dramatic recessed lighting, and rich furniture and finishes give the space a sophisticated Zen feeling.

The hotel pool is very special. It’s located in the basement where the original bank vault was housed. The entrance to the pool room is through the original vault door and the bottom of the pool is a designed tile work that resembles gold bricks.

Check in area

Gym support items

Workout space

Workout space another pic

Changing area

Locker room space

Entrance to SPA facilities

Main shower / sauna SPA area

Golden rest bench

Shower stalls

Entrance to treatments area

Rest area

Hall entrance to swimming pool

Steps leading to the pool

Going through the old vault door

The pool

Gold brick tiles that line the pool bottom

The rest of the hotel includes a cigar room, parlor and a very small business room. The cigar room and parlor are similar to the rest of the hotel with beautiful decorations and furnishings. The business center is small but functional.

The cigar room looks like something right out of Austrian royalty

Computer station in small business center

Parlor room overlooking Bognergasse Street

In Summary:

The Park Hyatt Vienna is a winner all the way around. The service is excellent, and the staff has a warm and wonderful attitude. The hotel is beautiful, upscale and a real luxury to enjoy. Having Hyatt Diamond Status with complimentary breakfast was a real treat. Availability for awards and suite upgrades are excellent making this 5 star hotel both affordable and accessible. If you’re looking at a trip to Vienna I fully recommend staying at the Park Hyatt Vienna.

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