Delta Sky Club at Nashville: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

Nashville, one of the many jewels embedded in the fabric of the southern United States, is all about music. Everyone there talks about music and the music business. It was quoted to me that over 20,000 live music acts take place there every year. That is more than two every hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although it is growing rapidly, Nashville is still on the small side with a population of under 700,000. The small size and energy is mirrored perfectly by Delta’s one and only Sky Club at Nashville International Airport (BNA).

True to Nashville Artwork

Delta Sky Club’s nondescript entryway next to Gate B3 opens to handsome artwork that is characteristic of the whole city. I had flown into BNA that very morning from New York’s John F. Kennedy and toured Vanderbilt with my rising senior daughter on Delta, but I was departing that afternoon on American. Even though I am well aware that my Crown Room Lifetime membership allows me to use the club facility at any time, I respectfully let the customer service representative at the counter know I was awaiting a competitor’s flight. She simply said, in wonderful southern fashion, “you just go ahead on in sugar.”

Southern Hospitality

As mentioned, the club reflects the city. There are two main rooms, an area for relaxing and watching the tarmac, and an area that is home to the bar and hors d’oeuvers. The main seating area was relatively quiet, clean and the furniture appeared to have been recently updated.

Main Seating Area

There were plenty of outlets and magazines available, as well as a small office to the side that had a printer and a small desk. In the bar area, it wasn’t nearly as quiet. You could hear deals being made and acts being booked as people openly spoke on their cells, but in a polite manner.


Bar and Snacks

The edible fare along the wall was the standard Delta Sky Club eats with the wonderful addition of Buffalo wings! I think I’ve seen them before at the Atlanta Sky Club, but they’re a rarity.

In Summary

Nashville International Airport’s Delta Sky Club is a little gem, filled with hospitality and energy akin to the people that live there.

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