Virgin America and Comenity Bank Pull Virgin America Visa Signature Cards

In an unannounced move Virgin America and Comenity Capital bank have shut down the links for new applicants to both the standard and “Premium” versions of the Virgin America Visa Signature Cards.

In the beginning of March, I posted this link, explaining why these two cards were a very good deal. This is especially true considering that Alaska Airlines has decided to discontinue the Virgin America brand, and is probably another why the cards are no longer being offered. At the time of the earlier post I stated “get them while you can”, well now Alaska Airlines and Virgin America have finally pulled them from the market.

For existing card holders, it’s business as usual, until it isn’t. Alaska Airlines will most likely purchase the exiting accounts out and convert them their Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Cards, or Comenity Bank will convert them to another Comenity Card, or just cancel them. The last option is least likely, but it all depends on the agreement between Virgin America and Comenity Bank.

I’ve stated this merger is going fast, and this is another data point that demonstrates just how fast it is. The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card is a great product and it’s not surprising that Alaska takes this move to start converting the Virgin America flyer over to their existing card.

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