Alaska Airlines Lounge North Satellite Seattle

After passing through customs at the Seattle Airport, we used the airside train system to get to our departure gate, N15. Our final flight was Seattle to Sacramento on Alaska Airlines which I’ve reviewed in the past, and will not be reviewing again as nothing was new about this flight.

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Since our departure gate was out of the N satellite station and we only had 40 minutes before our flight, I wasn’t planning on visiting any lounges. I honestly had forgotten that Alaska Airlines has a small lounge located in the N satellite, and it was located close to our gate. Since we had access, we decided to visit this lounge.

To enter an Alaska Lounge, I use my American Airlines Admirals Membership which comes with the Citibank AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard. American and Alaska Airlines have a pretty close relationship now that Delta has gotten aggressive in Seattle and finally ended their partnership with Alaska. Part of the close American / Alaska relationship is reciprocal lounge access that can be used by members of either airline’s lounge memberships.

Note that the Citibank AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard only gives the primary card holder a full Admirals Club membership. Other card holders under the primary card holder do not receive a full membership, but only access to American Admirals clubs. Susan is a card holder on my account and discovered this fact when she tried to access the Alaska Lounge between the C and D gates at the Seattle airport. They denied her access.

To enter the lounge, you pass through a ceiling to floor glass door with frosted etching in the middle section. The reception desk is outlined in beautiful natural wood and the walls on both sides have upscale architectural elements. All of this is backdropped against a glass waterfall that sits in front of tarmac views to the northwest side of the terminal. It’s impressive for such a small lounge and Alaska Airlines even uses this check-in entrance for a marketing shot on their website.

Entry from N Terminal area

Main door

Reception desk

Looking back on reception seats and wood wall

Water feature

Website shot of entry

Shot back to entry doors

Clear glass waterfall

After verifying that I was the primary card holder for my Citibank MasterCard, our family was granted access to the Alaska Lounge in the N satellite. After entering you can visit the main seating areas by going left or right. On the right side of the lounge is the bar, beverage area, right main seating and the location’s single and only bathroom. As you can imagine this facility is usually busy.

Clean restroom


The main bar is a simple but nice looking setup. It is wrapped up in a blue-green patterned tile, and there is enough room for 10 or so guests. It’s stocked with wine, beer and hard alcohol basics and during our early afternoon visit it was relatively quiet. The other beverage areas have a coffee/cappuccino machine, pictures of water and a soda machine. Seating is disbursed through this area and on the far back portion includes tables with chairs.

Looking into the right side

Large comfy club chairs

Right side table setups

Looking back through from corner

Main Bar

Bar close in


Water and juice


Soda machine

Crossing over to the left side of the lounge, you’ll find more seating areas, including a large wooden communal table. Also included is the main food sideboard, with hot soup and crackers out. The pancake machine was present and waiting for breakfast duty tomorrow morning.

Left side walking in

Left side seating

Communal Table

Soup and crackers

Pancake machine

Both sides of the lounge look over the tarmac and the views are great for those of us interested in aviation. The northwest also has wonderful sunsets, and I would venture to say you could probably enjoy those from this lounge in the summer months. I’ll have to try and confirm that at some point.

Views out left side

Views out sitting  on the right

In Summary:

For a small lounge I enjoyed our visit here. The design is nice, and it’s good to have a quiet place when flying out of the N satellite. I though the bar looked good, the seating was comfortable, and you can work and charge your devices while waiting for your flight. I will say Alaska should have put in another bathroom in this lounge, and some better food options would be appreciated.

There are certainly better lounge options at the Seattle airport, especially if you’re hungry; but for the N satellite, this is the best and only game in town.

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