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Southwest Airlines has one of the most lucrative benefits available to the frequent flyer public – “The Companion Pass”. The Companion Pass is a part of Southwest Airline’s Rapid Reward program and it allows the recipient to designate one individual as a companion, and all travel by that companion (with the primary pass holder) is free of ticket cost.

The primary pass holder must have an actual southwest reservation and must also “add” their companion onto that reservation. You also must pay the ticket fee and taxes for your companion which run about $6 on a one way, and $11 on a round trip. The primary pass holder is allowed to change the designated companion 3 times per year. Normally, a companion pass requires 110,000 qualifying points in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, or 100 one way flights for qualification. This would be a hefty goal in any airline loyalty program, and it certainly requires a lot of flying with Southwest Airlines in order to meet that level.

Earlier this summer Southwest offered an incredible targeted promotion where those who received an invitation could earn the companion pass after 5 round trip flights. I thought it was one of the most generous promotions I’ve seen in a while, and that was out of a plethora of promotions offered this summer.  The completion time for this Southwest promotion was July 7th through October 31st of this year. As I’ve previously written I had a couple southwest flights scheduled for business in this time period, and it was only a matter of additional 3 round trips to pick up the valuable companion pass. During the promotion Southwest would send little reminders of your progress.

email-rarYou’re getting close

Finally, in mid-October I completed the last of the 5 round trips needed for this promotion. A couple days later I received an email from Southwest, and then a week later the physical kit in the mail, welcoming me to the program.


This email showed up 2 days later

welcome-pWelcome package that came in the mail

companion-passInside package

I’m excited to have the Companion Pass from Southwest; Susan is VERY excited that I have the pass. We just inaugurated our first pass use by flying to Phoenix for the weekend. Flying on Southwest in nothing glamorous and my review of Sacramento to San Diego is an in-depth review what to expect on a short-haul Southwest flight. Still, Southwest really connects the west coast – and Susan and I are looking forward to taking advantage of this generous perk.

4 thoughts on “Southwest Companion Pass”

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Love your site. Need a little help…I was told from Southwest Customer Relations that an email allowing Rapid Reward members to purchased qualifying tier points was sent on December 1, 2016. It contained a link and SWA said anyone can use the link as long as they can find it? They couldn’t give it to me. Do you have the link?


    1. Joe, I have the link your looking for. I didn’t receive the offer, but did see the link on FlyerTalk:

      Are you close to A-List status this year? I’m a little over 17,000 points away and find the rates a little expensive. Let me know what you do.

      Thanks again for support. – Jimmy

  2. Jimmy,

    I am 448 points away, so I would like to get the A-List. However, the least amount of points (2,500) will cost $350. So, I’m considering how much I will fly in 2017 and weighing the cost/benefit. Thank you very much for the link; it took me to the exact screen I needed.


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