Hyatt Regency LAX – Master Review

Being based out of a secondary market like Sacramento means that you usually are going to connect to wherever you’re going. There are a handful of directs, but at the end of the day it’s a connection (or two) for most of your travels. One of my favorite airports to connect through is Los Angeles International Airport. People love to hate LAX, but in my twisted view of reality I enjoy the sea of humanity that is constantly trying to get into and out of the iconic location.

One of my favorite tricks is to overnight at this airport when flying a transcontinental to the east coast. I’ll typically come in the evening before and try to get out early the next day. This gives me a few things. A rested evening before a day of travel. An earlier arrival into the east coast. The chance to enjoy a true business class seat when traveling across the county. An opportunity to pick up a Hyatt stay toward my Diamond status. All wins again in my twisted view.

During the year I had opportunity to stay at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International five times, and as the year progressed so did the update and remodel that is taking place at the hotel. I’ve been taking pictures of the rooms and location during a number of these visits, and I thought it was time to catalog them together into a “Master Review” for the hotel.

Hyatt Regency LAX – Review May 2016
Standard Room – 2 Queen Beds

During the month of May, I was flying to JFK and then onto Berlin with some close friends from college for our annual guys’ trip. The evening before our 6:00am LAX-JFK transcontinental flight Lee and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International in order to be close to the airport. The Concourse LAX re-affiliated with Hyatt in 2014 and during the past 3 years has been making steady progress in re-inventing itself into the Hyatt station at the LAX Airport. My rate for this weekday stay was $199.00 per night, and although not the best rate for the area, certainly not the worse.

After landing at LAX I took the complementary shuttle service to the hotel. The wait was 10 minutes with a 10-minute ride in. When I arrived at the hotel the construction crews had created a temporary access corridor into the lobby area. You could tell the property is in a period of transformation. Check in was fast and efficient and the hotel staff was polite and friendly. I have always found that to be case at this Hyatt. The gentleman handed over my room card and I proceeded to room 1223.

$199.00 + taxes during May

Pick up location LAX

Shuttle ride over

Construction laden walk in

Seating area next to reception

Reception area and desk

Elevator landing 12th floor

Right turn down the hall

Down the hall to 1223

The Standard Double Queen at the Hyatt Regency LAX is 310sqft., and if you can manage to get on a high floor you are afforded great views of the aviation happenings at the airport. As you walk into the room you pass through a short entry with the bathroom on the right and a small open closet on the left. The main room is a bit on the smaller side with a queen beds, night stands, table and chairs. There is also a wall mounted TV with a console-dresser below it.

Room walking in

Left bed middle night stand

Right bed

Aviation artwork

I briefly enjoyed the LA views with the blinds open

Looking out

Pool construction site

Open closet space

Wall TV and Console

Console – Dresser


Table and chairs

Purple Chair – I feel like I’m in a Virgin lounge

Floor plan on door back

The bathroom is small, but well laid out. I love the walk in shower with rain head and flexible hand hose – both with good pressure and plenty of hot water. The KenetMD affects are OK, and work fine for an airport hotel stay.

Walking into the room on your right


Shower amenities


Sink and vanity area

Sink counter

Bathroom amenities

It was a little before 8:00pm and decided to drop off my bags and have a bite at the hotel restaurant. The hotel restaurant name was Palmira, which since my May visit has closed due to the remodel and shuffling around of the hotel lobby and space. I would expect the hotel to have another restaurant (noted exception to the temporary restaurant serving breakfast) open at some point in the future, although as of this writing a “main hotel branded restaurant” has not opened again. As for my visit in May the food was good, but beyond that nothing exceptional. The service, as with the entire property, is very good.

Bar area on way to restaurant


Main dining space

Menu Entrees

Scallops with Spinach

After dinner it was to bed. Lee showed up at 3:00am as he had work and family items to take care of. We both checked out of the hotel at 4:30am for our 6:30am flight and caught the shuttle to the Delta One terminal. Yes, it was a long night for Lee.

Hyatt Regency LAX – Update July 2016
Standard Room – 1 King Bed

During the month of July, I took a flight on Virgin America from SFO to LAX and back. The trip severed two fold as: 1) I had a business dinner in Manhattan Beach, and 2) This one trip on Virgin America would secure gold status on the airline for myself. As an added bonus Susan was able to join me on this trip. Since I had just taken pictures of the hotel and room recently I only did a few “updates” to add to my previous trip report.

For this stay we were able to book the standard king room for $146/night. The standard king was identical to the “two queens”, with the exception that a large sectional sofa replaced the additional queen bed and the chairs were yellow instead of purple.

Standard King

Couch replaces other queen in the Standard King

King bed

Floor Map on back of door – room 1217

Yellow accents instead of purple

TV console / dresser

Yellow chairs with the other accents

Since Susan was on the trip we ordered the welcome amenity instead of taking the 1000 point Hyatt credit. It was delivered about an hour after check-in. The outdoor pool was also completed and I was again able to get a picture from above in the room. As stated this visit was fast and I don’t have any additional updates to share. I will say that dinner at the Manhattan Beach Post restaurant was wonderful, and I highly recommend this trendy beach restaurant.

Amenity option

Pool is finished

View of aircraft landing

Manhattan Beach Post is 12 minutes away

Later in September I again had business in Los Angles and would also need to stay near LAX Airport for one night. The Hyatt Regency LAX has become our hotel of choice for these quick trips to Los Angeles. Susan was able to come along and we really enjoy the hotel because:

  1. The staff is excellent and they really take care of Susan and I.
  2. The rate is consistently competitive. Our rate for this mid- September night was $126 – as good as I’ve ever seen at this hotel.
  3. The location of the hotel is very easy for most of the places we visit in Los Angles. At the same time your never far from the airport.
  4. Every time we visit the hotel it’s more expanded, refurbished and polished.
  5. Every stay counts toward our Diamond status with Hyatt.


Hyatt Regency LAX – Update September 2016
Room – Suite King

As we were checking in I asked the associate if I could have a view of the airport operations. She indicated she had nothing available on that side of the hotel. The hotel manager (who I had meet before) overheard the conversation and asked the associate to check on a different room with the view we were seeking, and to see if it was available. He handled it very professionally with the regards to his subordinate. That room was available and the associate cheerfully checked us in. Susan and I thanked both the associate and manager and proceeded to our room.

After walking into the room, Susan and I figured out what had happened. The Manager had checked us into an available Suite, with the airport views I wanted. It was a very gracious gesture on his part.

Temporary reception area

When you walk into the suite directly in front of you is the main living space, with a small kitchenette to the left. The kitchenette is comprised of a small bar in front of a wet sink area. The back wall of the kitchenette includes the sink and counter space, a small refrigerator, a coffee maker and decorative shelves. The space is cozy and fairly functional – although there is no microwave or toaster present. The space, like the entire suite, is furnished with modern decorations and finishes.

Entry area with small kitchenette

Bar with set sink behind

Wet sink area in kitchenette


Directly connected to the kitchenette is the living room space. The entire suit is mostly a large rectangle with one half being the living room and the other half a bedroom. The space is dissected by a large, but partial, TV wall that is permanently open (on two sides) and that cannot be closed for privacy. Off the large rectangle is the kitchenette in the front area, and the bathroom in the bedroom area.

As you walk into the living room space it is dominated by a large sectional sofa and round coffee table. There is also a sitting chair with a small modern side table. The section sofa faces the partial TV wall and desk. I really appreciated having the desk area to set up for work.

Living room sectional sofa and coffee table

Another angle with sitting chair

Modern art

Sitting chair and side table

Space partition with wall mounted TV and desk

Walking into the second half of the suite is the main bedroom. The bedroom was a large king bed with 2 full night stands. Next to the bed on the window side of the room is a large comfy sitting chair with built in arm desk. At the base of the bed are three small ottoman benches. On the bedroom side of the TV is another wall mounted TV and dresser below.

King bed

King bed facing into the bathroom

Wall mounted TV with dresser below

Angle looking into living space

Bedroom window and view

Suite 1208

Connected to the backside of the bedroom is a small hallway closet that leads into the suite’s only bathroom. It includes dual sinks, a large shower, and a commode.

Short hall with closet and bath entry

Entry into bath with commode

Double “sink” with mirror

Sink and storage area

Counter top bathroom sundries

 Walk in shower

Shower amenities

Susan requested and selected a welcome amenity be delivered to the room. To be fair to Susan, she always selects Chardonnay wine as the amenity beverage because she knows I enjoy it when we travel together. We also enjoyed the item that lucked us into the suite in the first place, and that was the fantastic views of the airport operations.

 Welcome amenity

Food plate

Chardonnay wine

Great views from the room

You could really see the airport

As well as a number of carriers at work

Including nice night views

The following morning, we had breakfast together. The hotel has really moved the breakfast operations around this year. During our visit in September the breakfast “restaurant” was located in a space off the front bar area. Diamond members are allowed to order the buffet or off the menu.

Looking into the breakfast restaurant

Reverse angle

The buffet wall with sideboards

Hot dishes including eggs benedict


Protein, cheese, fruit and yogurt

Hot oatmeal with fixings

Hyatt Regency LAX – Update October 2016
Room – One King Bed

Again in October I had business in Los Angles. This time Susan wasn’t able to join me and my trip was more work than fun. I still enjoyed myself at the Hyatt Regency Los Angles and was able to get a few more pictures of this ever changing hotel. My rate for this stay was $136 per night and while not the lowest rate I had this year, it was another good rate. I have a couple pictures regarding the room, but since it’s already been extensively reviewed I just included these as a data point.

Standard King room 1022

Floor map for this room

Same room as other standard kings

On this visit I was able to get pictures of the workout space which is located on the 13 floor. It’s small but functional and boasts some great views of the airport and operation.

Top floor elevator landing on way to gym

Workout space

Bottled water, towels and fruit

Views of the airport

The breakfast restaurant has been changed to yet a forth location this year. On my return visit I was again able to have breakfast in the new location. Again, Hyatt Diamonds have the option of either ordering off the menu or the buffet.

The previous breakfast location was next to the hotel bar

Walkway to new restaurant location

New breakfast location

Menu offerings

Oatmeal with fixings

Fruit, sliced meats, cheese and yogurt

Bread and pastries

Hot items

There is now an outdoor seating area. Just past that is a manicured lawn area that leads to the outdoor pool. The pool facilities while not elaborate, they are new, open and nice. I wouldn’t pick this hotel based on the pool and outdoor recreation spaces, but it would work well for families with a day in transit. On any of my visits I haven’t seen more than a couple patrons using these updated outdoor facilities.

Outdoor seating

The seating area has lawn and beyond that pool views

Pool area with LAX terminal 1 in the background

Pool seating area

One last picture from this visit I will include is a preview of the new lobby the hotel will be using. After returning from my business dinner I noticed some workers staying late trying to finished what looked to be a retail area next to the hotel. I was speaking with Victor, one of the associates that I’ve visited with on a couple of my previous visits. Victor explained that the area I was looking at was the new lobby, and that the ribbon cutting for the hotel was that weekend – including some dignitaries from Hyatt. Later on I learned that Victor has worked for the hotel for 37 years, is the longest employee at that location, and was honored and included in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Finishing touches on new reception lobby for Hyatt Regency LAX

Victor Estrella (left), the longest tenured employee at 37 years, Jeff Rostek, the hotel’s managing director, and Carolina Barrera, the most recently hired employee. (Photo: Business Wire)

Hyatt Regency LAX – Update December 2016
Room – One King Bed

If four visits weren’t enough, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency LAX one last time in 2016. In mid-December Susan and I spent an evening there and a day at the beach. We were able to go to the Manhattan Beach Post restaurant once again for dinner and she accompanied myself as a companion on my newly minted companion pass with Southwest airlines.

The Standard King room was the same has the previous 3 stays. What was different this trip was the completion of the new hotel lobby located in the front. It really looks sharp, although the hotel construction is not complete as you can tell in the photographs.

Front view walking in

View from the daylight side

Resting area with December Christmas Tree up

Still a work in progress

In Summary:

The Hyatt Regency LAX is a great airport hotel. I’m sure there are some better ones (including the Grand Hyatt DWF), but this property has a lot going for it. The hotel management and staff are top notch, as well as a delight to deal with. The design and feel of the hotel is bright, modern and fun. Additionally the updates continue to come on line and the Hyatt really seems to be getting a good return on their $75 million investment. The location is very accessible from Los Angeles or the airport, and it is an easy walk to terminal 1 (Southwest). As you can tell from this review it has become, for so many reasons, my go to hotel when transitioning through Los Angles.

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